[Lego 43179] Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters - Part 1/2 Mickey building experience

We have finally gotten our hands on building Mickey & Minnie Buildable Characters [Lego 43179]! Happy Boy had previously blogged about the Lego set here 👇


There are 1739 pieces for this set of lego and in my opinion, it was quite an enjoyable build because of all the vibrant colours used by Lego. I like how Lego always uses bright colour blocks for the "interior" of Lego display. It makes it much easier to identify the blocks to use and the bright colours puts Lego builders in a happier mood 😊 The black colour design of the Lego box and instruction booklets make the Lego set looks classy and attractive to adult Lego collectors. 

[Lego box design of Lego #43179]

[Contents in the Lego box - 15 packs of Lego bricks and 2 instructions booklets]

As this set of Lego is quite a massive build, we will post the building experience of Mickey and Minnie separately. In this post, we will post about Mickey building experience first! 

There are 4 packs of Lego to use for building Mickey (including the smaller packs with numbering 1 and 4). The first section of building Mickey display will be the "stage" that Mickey is standing on. Lego has put in a lot of details into building the stage. It is not just an empty platform but a platform that is stable and heavy enough to let Mickey stand on. The triangular piece shown a below is the piece that helps to angle and support Mickey's pointing foot while the circular turquoise piece is where the other foot will rest. The stage is designed to be like the movie film frame with shinning blue pieces that reflect light, making it look more like a real stage design. 

[Inside of Mickey's stage]

[Completed Mickey's stage]

The next section of the build will be for Mickey's feet, where many round and cute parts were used and they are the colours of MacDonald's 😛

[Spot the M amongst the Lego pieces]

Lego Mickey's feet are really cute and tiny like baby's shoes. Look how they compare to Happy Boy's feet 😝

[Life size comparison and Happy Boy needs to moisturise his nails hehe]

Once the feet are settled, building of the body frame will be next! This is what I meant by using colourful parts for the "interior" of Lego displays. All made up of bright colours! And it looks like Mickey has a spine lol. Take note that the joints of the arms are incorrect in the photo below. Ends with a + should be facing outside instead of the ends with the hollow bits as shown below. The + shape is needed to fix the arms in later on. 

[Colourful interior of Mickey's body]

The 3rd and 4th Lego packs will be used for the building of Mickey's pants, arms and hands and finally the head. Each pack actually took me around 30 minutes to complete. 

[3rd and 4th packs of the Lego set]

[Colourful interior of Mickey's head]
[Scary Mickey trying to catch naughty kids. Looks like ET 👻]

Overall, this build was a happy build! Do take note of the pieces of odd shapes that were used to construct the different body parts, especially the pants. There are many pieces with similar shapes and and sizes but they serve different purposes. Always pay attention to the instruction booklet and you will get a smiley Mickey at the end!

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SSB - GX20090H - September 2020 issue

August's 2020 SSB issue details

Issue CodeGX20080E
ISIN Code: SGXZ97061220

Key Dates

Application period
3 Aug 2020 - Opens 6pm
26 Aug 2020 - Closes 9pm

Results: 27 Aug 2020 - After 3pm

Issue date: 1 September  2020

Maturity date: 1 September 2030

Invest S$ 1000 for this month's issue, and you will receive S$ 89 (compared to S$95 last month) in interest if you hold the bond till maturity in 2030. That’s an effective return per year of 0.88% (compared to 0.93% last month).

As yields decrease, so are the amount of SSB issued (indicated by blue columns in the graph) decreasing.

For better return options do check out Singlife’s current promo of 2.5% p.a for investment amount of up to S$10,000 and 0.9% thereafter of up to S$90,000. 

Do note that this is not a recommendation to invest, please check with your financial advisers / Consultants. If you are interested to apply, do sign up on your mobile phone via the link to receive S$10 sign up option. 

Do wish to disclose that we will also receive S$10 which we will return you if you do share our blog on any social media platform and tag us so we know you had signed via our link. Note that you will need to order and successfully activate your Singlife Visa debit card to receive the referral benefits.

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Making use of TraceTogether app for SafeEntry to check in faster

This post is to help share the latest update in TraceTogether app which has the SafeEntry feature built in. This helps to speed up the time taken to scan the QR code before we enter a shopping mall or shops while we are out during this COVID-19 period. 

Most of us used to scan the SafeEntry QR code via a QR reader or mobile phone camera app which would then open a website for us to input our contact details, before we click "check in". 

With the use of the TraceTogether app, our details are already saved. View the 10secs video for a sample of how the easy and fast it is to use the SafeEntry feature in the app. This would help to reduce the waiting time to gain entry. 

To more information and to download the latest app, visit the official website:

Stay Safe
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Hedwig [LEGO 75979] building experience

Happy Boy has surprised Curious Girl with a lego set on one of her favourite characters from the Harry Potter series! That is the dear old owl, Hedwig (🦉: hoot hoot~). Hedwig was Harry's close companion since Year 1 of Hogwarts and her snowy white feathers made her stood out amongst all the other magical pets in Hogwarts. She was also a heroic pet as it saved Harry from a killing curse. Hence, this was a specially enjoyable build for myself because it reminds me of the character from my treasured childhood novel series.
[Cover of the Lego set #75979]

[Back of the Lego set #75979]

More on the measurements of the lego can be found here:

This set of Lego comes with a mini Harry and mini Hedwig (Awww cute!) that you can choose to display on the base of the big Hedwig or to display them elsewhere (in office to cheer up the mood?). Look at Harry's double faces!
[Smirky Harry 😏]
[Fearful Harry 😨 (saw a Dementor maybe?)]

As always, Lego packed and sorted all the little pieces of bricks into neat packs. For this build, there are 4 bags of bricks in the box in total. 

Bag 1 is to build the mini figurines and the strong base to hold the Hedwig in flight display. Bag 2 is for the Hedwig's main body and tail. Bag 3 and 4 are for her left and right wings and her head. 

What I especially love about this lego set is the well thought out mechanism that allows Hedwig to move her wings gracefully, closely mimicking the movements of a real owl when flying. 

[When it is wingless - making use of gear wheels to rotate both underlying wing structures]

[Example of wing rotating. Look at how the joint at the mid wing section moves and mimics a real wing flapping movement. Thank you Happy Boy for being my hand model!]

Total building time is about 2 hours (if you are focusing) for this 630 pieces of Lego set. Do remember to do a final check to make sure both Hedwig's wings are symmetrical! This is a good way to detect any errors in your build (and that is what Happy Boy did 😛)

[Top view of Hedwig with wide spread wings]

[Majestic Hedwig]

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SSB - GX20080E - August 2020 issue

August's 2020 SSB issue details

Issue Code: GX20080E

Key Dates

Application period
1 July 2020 - Opens 6pm
27 July 2020 - Closes 9pm

Results: 28 July 2020 - After 3pm

Issue date: 3 August  2020

Maturity date: 1 August 2030

Invest S$ 1000 for this month's issue, and you will receive S$ 95 in interest if you hold the bond till maturity in 2030. That’s an effective return per year of 0.93%.

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SNACK by NTUC Income Review

SNACK by NTUC Income is a new app that allows users to start accumulating insurance coverage from premiums ranging from 30c, 50c and 70c. I chanced upon this new app when searching for a new term insurance plan for myself. 

This is not the first time they had launch such plan. Back in Aug 2019, NTUC Income had partnered with Grab to launch critical illness coverage, with a similar concept of deducting small amount of premium for a fix coverage of up to S$200,000.

How SNACK works vs traditional insurance plans in Singapore

SNACK provides Accident, Life Term and Critical Illness benefits. There is an investment coverage currently grayed out. The intention of the app is to provide micro insurance

SNACK works by having "triggers" to initiate the insurance coverage, small amount at a time. The total coverage are accumulated up to a cap. This helps to build up the insurance cover slowly over time as compared to traditional method of purchasing insurance based on a target premium amount or Insured amount where there are minimum monthly premium limits to meet. 

The premium and corresponding coverage comes in 3 predetermined "trigger" amount of 30c, 50c and 70c. There is a weekly cap from $1 to $50 for deduction. Users are able to customise according to their requirements. I;ve tested with 30c premium for each trigger with a cap of $1 each week.

Will update this post later with the sign on experience.

Premium Comparison

Comparison of the life coverage insurance premiums against the Direct Purchase term insurance based on information from Comparefirst website to see how the premium for SNACK compares to traditional insurance product based on a sample of Male, Non-Smoker, $100,000 death insured amount.

The accumulated premiums for SNACK is $17 more than Income's own direct term product. It is still a good way to start getting insurance coverage based on small amount each time. 

 Insurer Annual Premium
 Tokio Marine66
 Aviva 85
 FWD 91
 Great Eastern92
 HSBC 153
 Prudential 161

Anyone else signed up and tried? Please share your thoughts and comments with us. 

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